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Singhofen I.T. Services has knowledge & experience in Software Packages and Operating Systems. These include Windows, Linux, Mac & Mobile Operating Systems.

I.T. Services Offered

Hardware & Software Troubleshooting ~ Network Troubleshooting ~ Security Mobile Devices ~ Installation ~ Repair ~ Printers

How do I develop your websites?

The Development Technoligies I use are HTML5, CSS3, Materialize, Bootstrap 4, W3CSS, JavaScript, git/github, XAMPP, Linux, VirtualBox .

content management tools

  • Wordpress
  • Netlify for Hosting
  • Netlify for prototyping
  • SFTP & FTP
  • Mobile Support

    Have a problem that can't get resolved over the phone or internet? Contact me to come to your home/office so we can resolve the problem in person.

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    I.T. Services

    I.T. Services

    • Computer & OS Configuration
    • Troubleshooting | Security
    • Hardware | Networking
    • Mobile Device Support

    Website Development


    • Templates | Themes | Landing pages
    • Secure Static Websites
    • Responsive Website Development

    Content Management


    • Website Copyright Services
    • Wordpress Management
    • Social Media Management
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